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You are on your way to fulfilling your obligations regarding Rice’s policies on the disclosure and management of potential and actual Conflicts of Interest (COIs) .

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Start Disclosure

The 2023 Disclosure Season Is Now Open

Policy 216 requires Scholars to update their disclosures when submitting sponsored research proposals, upon sponsored research award acceptance, and if there is a change in their Outside Interests and Activities. For all other Scholars, annual disclosures will be due in February 2023.

Have you completed your COI training?

The COI training page, which precedes the disclosure questions, will show you your training status and give you an opportunity to complete training, if you have not already done so. Under Rice and federal COI policies, you must take COI training every 4 years if you receive sponsored research funding.


  • Office of Research Faculty Town Hall Presentation
  • FAQ about the new disclosure requirements
  • Draft COI/COC/Disclosure Policy
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    • Policy 217 Conflicts of Commitment and Outside Activities for Faculty (Draft 3.20.20)
    • Policy 218 Disclosure and Management of Outside Activities and Outside Interests (Draft 3.20.20)



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